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This is the hub page for all of you taking the Interaction Design & Technology master or any of its courses. Here you will find all overarching information you will need, such as who teaches what when, important documents and of course NEWS, below! Just work your way through the various sections to the left and you will be good to go! 

Want to earn som extra money? Grading assistance needed!


We are looking for 2-3 assistants for the course “DAT216 Design och Konstruktion av grafiska gränssnitt” that runs now in study period 3. The course is aimed at students in the first year of Chalmers’ Software Engineering program (IT-programmet).

This is paid teaching assistance work, for examining the final written exam, about 30-60 hours in the next couple of weeks. This work also can be an important merit in your CV.

It is a merit if you have taken this course or a similar course before. You need to understand Swedish. If you want to know more contact me or Olof at olof.torgersson@chalmers.se as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Josef Wideström
Director of Studies





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Game Engine Architecture - Marco Fratarcangeli
Information Visualization - Thommy Eriksson
Tangible Interfaces - Morten Fjeld
Master Thesis 2016 - Thommy Eriksson
Master Thesis 2017 - Thommy Eriksson



Programme Director
Staffan Björk
For overarching issues regarding the programme, such as content, curriculum, syllabi, etc.

Director of Studies
Josef Wideström
For isses related to specific courses, such as scheduling, teaching etc.

Study Counsellor
Chrissie Evling
031-772 15 44
For help with your individual study plan, e.g. which courses to take.