Course schedule

Please note that participation in some lectures below is compulsory.
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Event type

w35 Mon 29-08 13:15 - 15:00 EB Seminar: Course and teacher introduction.
Course introduction - language part. Writing an abstract. This lecture is compulsory.
  Erland Jonsson, Linda Bradley & Raffaella Negretti lecture
w36 Mon 05-09 23:59   Handin: Title and abstract submission (by email to supervisor, Erland, Iosif, Linda and Raffaella)     deadline
  Mon 05-09 13:15 - 17:00 EB, EL43
Seminar: Scientific reading and writing (Paper LaTeX template. This is a simplified version of this template). The first two hours, i.e. 13.15-15.00 are compulsory. Please read the three papers before class: Nicol et al., Riloff, and Rossow et al. Linda Bradley  lecture
w37 Sun 18-09     Make sure you have a draft of your survey that you can swap in class tomorrow (19-09), according to this allocation: (allocation TBA)     deadline
w38 Mon 19-09 13:15 - 17:00

EA, EL42, EL43

Class starts in EA

Seminar: Critical reviewing and peer response.
Survey paper review form, Easychair introduction. The two first hours, i.e. 13.15-15.00 are compulsory.
Student swap groups for in-class peer response.
Please read How not to review a paper before class. Linda Bradley lecture
  Sun 25-09 23:59   Handin: Survey submission (on EasyChair)     deadline
w39 Mon 26-09 13:15 - 15:00 EA Seminar: Ethics lecture. This lecture is compulsory.   Richard Torkar lecture
  Mon 26-09     Reviewing period starts      
  Thu 29-09 09.00-11.45 SB-H3 Seminar: Optional lecture for those who want additional support   Raffaella Negretti lecture
  Sun 02-10 23:59   Handin: Submit reviews (on EasyChair)     deadline
w40 Mon 03-10  13.15-15.00 EA Seminar: Lecture on presentation techniques.
Paper presentation guidelines. This lecture is compulsory.
  Koen Claessen lecture
  Wed 05-10     Reviews sent to authors      
  Sun 09-10 23:59   Handin: Submit ethics assignment (see instructions on Richard's slides) to     deadline
w41 Mon 10-10 13:15 - 15:00 EA Seminar: Master thesis information lecture   Elad Schiller lecture
  Thu 13-10 09.00-11.45 SB-L208
Seminar: Paper presentation dry-runs. Presentation feedback form.
  Raffaella Negretti lecture
  Sun 16-10 23:59  

Handin: Revised survey submission (on EasyChair).
Submit your survey also to

 w42 Wed 19-10     Notification of survey acceptance      
  Thu 20-10 08:00 - 11:45 EA Seminar: Student paper presentations 1. Presentations schedulePartly compulsory lecture*     student presentations
w43 Mon 24-10 08:00 - 11:45 EB Seminar: Student paper presentations 2. Presentations schedule. Partly compulsory lecture*     student presentations
  Thu 27-10 08:00 - 11:45 EB Seminar: Student paper presentations 3. Presentations schedule. Partly compulsory lecture*     student presentations



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