Course CIU281 is cancelled because of illness. It will be given next time in autumn 2019.
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Work Description

During this course we identify, learn, create and explore emerging trends through the perspectives of three critical topics:

- Inclusive design (Sara), 
- Creativity & Music interaction (Palle) and 
- Value-based design & Emergent technologies (design ethics, the good life, stakeholder involvement) (Gordana).

Lectures are given for the whole class, typically divided into three parts during the day. 
09-09:45 Lecture 1
10-10.45 Lecture 2
11-11.45 Lecture 3

The Literature assignment consists of an in-depth individual reflection on each of the three critical topics in a form of a written essay, based on given articles and questions.

A subsequent Literature session consists of group discussions in the class on your individual literature assignments, that end with presentations of group findings in front of the class.

Individual Workbook, that you keep and work in throughout the course, will contain three chapters - one chapter for each critical topic. 
Following each lecture, you will get a question/task to work on in your Workbook that will be handed-in (uploaded) in PingPong according to the schedule (see under Schedule). You will explore the critical topics through the design observations outdoors in Brunnsparken, and gather information from various sources, including the course literature, which will result in your design sketches and reflections based on observations, literature study and creative work.

For each of the three topics, you will create a chapter in your individual Workbook that you keep and work in throughout the course.

Workbooks will be uploaded successively: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 for each critical topic. Final workbooks will contain one page Summary with the main points of all critical topic summaries.

In Workbook critical sessions, you will meet in the groups to briefly present your latest workbook material, and get feedback from your peers. Each session is finished with presentation of group findings in front of the class.

For the work in critical sessions and literature sessions the entire class will be divided in two, and scheduled as follows:

09:00-10.20 Groups 1-4 sessions
10:20-10:40 Break
10.40 -12.00 Groups 5-8 sessions

While one half of the class is working in the crit/lit sessions, the other half of the class is working in groups on their group projects.

Consultation sessions start with a lecture that is followed by the work in groups for the whole class. Teacher visits each group for 10 minutes, for consultations on the current work.

In the end of the course, you will hand in your complete Final Workbook together with Workbook summary, presenting your individual work in the PingPong, according to the Schedule.

The course finishes with the Mini-conference where each group presents first individual workbooks in the form of short pitches of each group member, and then the conclusion of the group work in a form of a group Poster (vernissage).

You will sign attendance list for each class to confirm your presence. If you miss the class, there are Compensation Rules defined on a separate page.