Course CIU281 is cancelled because of illness. It will be given next time in autumn 2019.
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Setting - Brunnsparken

The setting we will have for developing and testing emergent interaction design project will be Brunnsparken.

The overarching theme of the course, the design for good life for all, we will approach the setting of Brunnsparken - a very central place in Gothenburg that we will address in a new and creative ways and try to imagine exciting interactive designs for the possible futures. On this journey we will enjoy learning and practicing inclusive design, creativity and music interaction with value-based ethics reflection approaches. 

Karta över Brunnsparken, Göteborg

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Current view of Brunnsparken

Bildresultat för brunnsparken göteborg

Historical Brunsparken (1854, to the right). It was called "Paradise"

Renovation planned to start in spring 2019.